MegaDeck® HD Ultra Heavy-Duty Access Mats and Portable Roadways

MegaDeck® HD heavy-duty composite access and rig mats are designed specifically for high-traffic worksites, such as construction sites, oil rigs and power transmission sites. As a result, this system can protect and support the heaviest equipment and vehicles over any terrain and in any climate, bearing up to 600 psi.

MegaDeck® HD is the strongest modular matting system Signature Systems Group manufactures. As such, its unique composition of HDPE, UV-protection, anti- static and other additives makes it non-absorbent, prevents degradation, and eliminates warping and breaking due to weather conditions.

MegaDeck® HD composite matting is the most advanced engineered interlocking panel system on the market today. Its locking system allows you to connect panels easily and in a variety of configurations using a single T-bar tool. Mats are laid together seamlessly due to their 12" flanges which guides the mat into place. Thus, MegaDeck® HD is as easy to install as it is durable.

Material: Blend of HDPE, proprietary nano-clay fillers, and special anti-static additives.
Size:       2.286m (7' 6")' x 4.267m (14') x 101mm (4")
Weight:   476 kgs (1,050 lbs)

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