Heavy Duty Overlapping Composite Mat – World’s Strongest Mat!

Material: Blend of HDPE, proprietary nano-clay fillers, and special anti-static additives.
Size:       2.286m (7′ 6″)’ x 4.267m (14′) x 101mm (4″)
Weight:   476 kgs (1,050 lbs)

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MegaDeck® HD composite matting is the most advanced engineered interlocking panel system on the market today. Utilizing in-house proprietary manufacturing process, the new and improved MegaDeck HD mat is now the most sophisticated, yet simple, access matting — designed specifically to streamline worksite setup/dismantle, protect personnel, equipment and sensitive environments. This heavy-duty large-panel composite system can also be used to create a stable and hygienic portable roadway anywhere in the world, regardless of climate or terrain.