Material:  HDPE
Size:        Approx 3.05m (10′) x 2035mm (6′ 8″) x 18mm (0.75″)
Weight:    131kg (290 lbs)

Our PGS Medium Duty Composite mat is the ultimate access mat. This mat can quickly and easily be installed for access roads across agricultural fields or installed to access residential back yards.

At only 290 lbs, you can move 220 mats on a tri-axle trailer. That is close to 1,500 linear feet of access road. Installation is faster and cheaper. They will reduce your freight costs by many times.

Made from High Density Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and is a 100% solid compression moulded mat. It is resistant to absorbing moisture and chemicals making it ideal for use on eco-sensitive sites. The solid core design means the core cannot be punctured avoiding the intake of liquids and reducing the threat of invasive species or cross-contamination between sites.