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About Prairie Ground Solutions

Located in southwestern Manitoba, Prairie Ground Solutions is an access matting company that sells, rents and provides full turnkey services. We can offer a full line of composite, wood, and rig mats for all applications; residential, concert events, car shows, sport fields, utility, heavy construction, pipeline and oil & gas.

We offer a full delivery, lay down, wash and pickup service to meet your needs. Whether you are looking at purchasing or renting, we guarantee we can be very competitive with our pricing. Give us a call!

Composite mats provide many benefits:

  • Very light weight
  • Solid core construction.
  • Prevent the spread of soil born diseases and invasive seeds.
  • Design makes them very easy and inexpensive to clean.
  • Incredibly tough and flexible.
  • Aggressive tread for traction for men and equipment.
  • Will not absorb water.
  • Will not rot.
  • Oil and chemical resistant.