Diamond Grid

Diamond Grid is a leading erosion control and surface stabilization product. Proven to work throughout the agricultural, landscaping and mining industries globally. Diamond Grid is made from 100% recycled polypropylene.

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Diamond Grid Specs

  • Size: 560mm x 900mm x 40mm or 22” x 35” x 1.6”
  • Weight: 3.2kg or 7lbs
  • Ratings:
    • Empty Panels – 300 tonnes per m2 or 60,000 lbs per sqft
    • Panels Filled with an Aggregate – 1000 tonnes per m2 or 200,000 lbs per sqft
  • Coverage Per Panel: 0.5 m2 or 5.38 sqft
  • 96% permeable to allow moisture to flow through the panels.

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Diamond Grid was originally designed for use on farms for solving problems with muddy areas on their properties, everything from muddy cattle yards to muddy driveways. The solution was easy, stabilise the ground and develop a drainage system, better still, design one product that does both!

After six years in the Australian market more and more applications for the product became apparent, not only in the rural industry but also in Mining, Civil and Landscaping. Our commitment to deliver a high quality product and service will remain in the future with all areas of our company performance being closely monitored by our management.

With our current client list including the three largest mining companies in Australia, leading construction companies, Government Departments, Olympic Equestrian Studs, leading racehorse trainers, some of the largest rural retail and hardware stores in Australia and the USA, we are proud to be able to receive repeat business from these clients due to the quality and demand for our product and service.

Diamond Grid is the leading surface stabilization grid in Australasia, proven to work throughout some of the largest mines in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Canada and Latin America.

This innovative, Australian-owned product is manufactured worldwide from 100% recycled polypropylene, is highly versatile and provides cost effective solutions for heavy duty mining & industrial applications; along with erosion control and surface stabilization solutions for rural, farming and landscaping applications.


Diamond Grid Stabilization

Diamond Grid has been engineered as a cost effective solution for erosion control, soil and turf stabilization, with a unique design that is up to 96% permeable. Used extensively for all types of driveways, hard stands and shed flooring, Diamond Grid is proven to withstand heavy loads under constant use in mining, agriculture and commercial construction. Diamond Grid is also an alternative to traditional concreting, with a comparable load bearing capacity at 40% less cost.

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