Concrete Reinforcement

Use Diamond Grid filled with concrete to recognize great savings. No rebar, no forms and much less labour. Diamond Grid installed with only 1.6″ of concrete. Levelled to top of panels. Cut away of a Diamond Grid panel filled with … Continue reading

Golf Cart Paths

Diamond Grid is perfect for stabilizing golf cart tracks and pathways, protecting them from becoming boggy, or being eroded away.


Diamond Grid can be used as a top surface on haul roads to prevent pot holes, corrugation and erosion on road edges. The grids reduce downtime, and help reduce labour and machinery costs compared to using concrete. They also reduce … Continue reading

Walking and Bike Paths

Diamond Grid gives you natural-looking, environmentally friendly pathways that are durable to heavy use, highly stable and will not wash away or become boggy even in intrepid weather conditions. The unique design allows you to build attractive passageways even in … Continue reading


The unique design of Diamond Grid allows you to build attractive driveways with decorative pebbles by stabilising the fill so that it does not migrate, even in areas subject to constant traffic or repeat wheel tracking and turning. The product … Continue reading

Shed/Shop Floors

Durable, cost-effective and incredibly versatile, Diamond Grid’s shed flooring system is the ideal alternative to a conventional concrete or gravel floor. Low maintenance and durable, our pavers ensure your shed remains clean and tidy – even in high traffic zones. … Continue reading

Equine Facilities

Every horse owner is well aware of the time it takes to keep stables clean; it’s an ongoing task. Maintaining the desired level of cleanliness is often hampered by poor drainage, as this leads to mud and/or bedding that needs … Continue reading

Feed Lots/Corrals

The areas around water and feed troughs are always wet and muddy and Diamond Grid solves the problem by creating a well-drained solid surface for both horse and human. The grids also allow the animals to easily eat any spilt … Continue reading